Thank You, Miss Sinatra

bootsI bought two pairs of boots recently and they are, indeed, made for walking. One pair is basic black, low-heeled, about knee high. The second is a pair of cowgirl boots, brown and purple, of the Fat Baby variety. But I digress. It was Nancy Sinatra who first said “these boots are made for walkin’,” way back in February 1966. Hers were red go-go boots, as evidenced by the album cover.

I discovered my oldest sister’s copy of Miss Sinatra’s album in the early 1970s. And although her boots were cool, her music was much more so to a fifth grader already developing a wide-ranging taste in music. This was fine rockin’ — from “Day Tripper” to “So Long Babe.” She didn’t write them, but she sure could sing them. I tried to share her music with my fifth-grade colleagues. I brought the album to art class to play for inspiration while we created. But someone else brought a K-tel album as seen on TV. Since my classmates were not as discerning as I in their musical tastes, K-tel drivel beat Miss Sinatra’s contribution to the American popular music canon. I took Nancy home unplayed.

Nancy Sinatra has been walking in those boots for 49 years. Others have tried, but none nearly as well. Nancy sang of confident boot walking and self-assured butt kicking. She sang with attitude and conviction. And that’s why I like her. So thank you, Miss Sinatra. Guess I’ll put on my boots and start walkin’.

Laura Sternweis

P.S. Watch Nancy and her boots a walkin’.


3 thoughts on “Thank You, Miss Sinatra

  1. I know I sang that song while prancing around in my first pair of boots… they were white go go boots with a zipper up the back, apple green fish nets and short skirt completing my outfit! Fun story, Laura! Glad you are finding time and a place to write musings and stories of the like. Send more! LH


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