The Godspell Gospel

GodspellI believe in the Godspell Gospel. I am a product of the Catholic folk Mass era and still am susceptible to praising the Lord to the tune of guitars and drums. I don’t remember which came first — watching the movie on 1970s late night TV or listening to the music on a borrowed soundtrack album. But I was hooked.

Songs about Jesus and young actors in face paint and colorful costumes made the Gospel of Matthew come alive. The music meant something to me then and remains meaningful to me now. I still understand “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” and “Day by Day.” I thank the Lord for “All Good Gifts.” And I contemplate “By My Side.”

I’m not the type to quote the Bible. But I can sing my prayers with hippies. And since my daughter bought the Godspell soundtrack for me at a vinyl resale shop, I still do.

Laura Sternweis


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