Play Roy, Mama!

anna-roy-croppedWhen your 2-year-old daughter tells you to play Roy Orbison’s All-Time Greatest Hits again, you comply. Why argue with a determined young lady who appreciates one of the greatest singers to ever wear shades? Her Orbison obsession was the first indication that our daughter would develop an eclectic taste in music. When other kids were mindlessly sing-song-ing with Barney the purple dinosaur, she was deliberately expressing herself through the music of the man who gave us “Only the Lonely.” Nope, she wasn’t like the other kids — thank God!

By the time she could read, she was eagerly exploring our record and CD collections, from Johnny Cash to U2. Over the years she worked her way through our 5 linear feet of vinyl and several shelves of CDs — an assortment of rock and roll, 80s pop, and classic country music. Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Presley, The Hooters and The Cars, even John Denver and Slim Whitman — the more diverse the music, the more she liked it.

These days she finds old vinyl on the cheap at garage sales and thrift stores. That’s how Johnny Horton, Patti Page, and Jim Reeves recently entered her own collection. However, she likes new music too, of the Americana variety. She’s even introduced her father and me to some of her favorites, like the Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, and the Old Crow Medicine Show.

Now 21, she is musically wise well beyond her years. Her friends call her an old soul — an old soul with good taste in music, I’d say.

Laura Sternweis


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