Wearing the Green and Gold

green-and-goldHow many Green Bay Packer shirts does one man need? In my husband’s case, 29 at last count. That’s six short-sleeve shirts, five long-sleeve shirts, four sleeveless shirts (either by design or by his scissor-wielding handiwork), three jerseys, one polo shirt, five sweatshirts, and five hoodies. He also has a leather jacket, a pair of sweatpants, a pair of shorts, and a foam cheesehead. And then there are the trucker hats and stocking caps and gloves. He’s even had Packer socks, but no Green Bay Packer underwear. Yet.

I have fewer Packer clothes because I choose fit over quantity. The size I wear in Packer gear depends on the style. My pullover sweatshirt and windbreaker are size boys’ extra large. My two t-shirts and zip-up sweatshirt are women’s medium. And my jersey is women’s large. My Green Bay Packers plastic purse is one size fits all.

Our basement family room wears the green and gold as well — in the form of posters, photos, sports-page news clippings, blankets, a Brett Favre clock, and life-size standup cutouts of current Packer Jordy Nelson and former Packer Greg Jennings. We have Green Bay Packer books on the shelf, knick-knacks in a cabinet displayed behind glass, a 3-foot-tall Packer-bedecked Christmas tree, two cans of unopened commemorative Miller Lite beer from SuperBowl XXXI (1997), and, well, a lot of other stuff.

As a Wisconsin native, I am a Green Bay Packers fan by birthright. My husband pledged his allegiance when he moved to Wisconsin in the early 1980s. We’ve been part of the Iowa contingent of Packers Nation since 1988. With bunny-ear antenna TV reception, we often don’t see all of the Packers’ pre-season action. But we’ll be watching when regular season play begins. And rest assured, we will be well dressed.

Laura Sternweis


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