Chasing Silver Dust

I started chasing Silver Dust close to 20 years ago, when my family began using, and occasionally breaking, my mother’s Silver Dust goblets. She had acquired them in the 1960s, submerged in boxes of Silver Dust laundry detergent.

Silver Dust glassesI remember that Mom used the goblets for chocolate milkshakes on special occasions, such as my birthday party when I was 8 years old. It was a great party, as I recall, with fun and games and cake and milkshakes shared with girls from my second grade class. After my friends went home, I threw up — whether spurred by the excitement or too much milkshake and cake, I’m not sure. But I’ve always associated those goblets with a really good time. So when my mother offered them to me, I said yes.

At first I placed them in my china cabinet, to bring out for special occasions. But that fate didn’t seem to do them justice. So I moved them to the kitchen cupboard and started using them regularly with my husband and kids. Whether filled with milkshakes, or Koolaid, or plain old milk, those Silver Dust goblets became part of our family meal time memories. And some of them broke.

As it turns out, my mother wasn’t the only 1960s mom who collected Silver Dust goblets from her detergent boxes. She also wasn’t the only mom who gave them away. My daughter and I have been finding a variety of Silver Dust glassware at garage sales and second hand stores. Our kitchen cupboard now boasts a full shelf of Silver Dust glasses of various shapes and sizes. We use them every day, and we’re having a really good time.

Laura Sternweis


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