When Margie Met Donnie

Don-Marge-DanceOne of my favorite stories is the one about how my Mom met my Dad. And I particularly like the way my Mom would tell the story.

Marge Hoff met Don Sternweis at a dance in 1947. They both were going on 17 years old. Marge was a junior at Spencer High School; Don was a senior at Marshfield Senior High; and the dance hall was somewhere in central Wisconsin.

Mom liked to tell how she had gone to the dance with her friend Patsy. Marge and Patsy were at one end of the dance hall when they saw Don across the room. Patsy knew who he was, since they were farm country neighbors. He started to walk toward them. Patsy told Marge that Don was coming over to ask her, Patsy, to dance. Well, Don came over, but he didn’t ask Patsy to dance. He asked Marge, and she said yes. “And the rest,” as Mom would say, “is history.” Mom especially liked telling that part of the story.

I like to imagine them meeting each other for the first time. They were so young, but so sure that each was “the one” for the other. They married at age 20 on September 28, 1950, and were together for more than 53 years, until death did they part. But they weren’t apart for long. Marge left this world in March 2004 and Don joined her barely a year later. They’ve been together at the Heavenly Dance ever since.

Laura Sternweis


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