Pilgrims in Packerland

I recently returned from a bus trip to Packerland — Green Bay Packer Land, that is. It was my second journey by motor coach and my sixth pilgrimage overall. This time my husband and I drove from our house in Ames, Iowa, to Dubuque to board a bus bound for green and gold glory.

Lambeau-LeapThis particular adventure was a little damp, as it started raining during our tailgate party at the Bart Starr Plaza. The rain picked up a bit as we walked across the street and paid our respects to the statues of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau, and the 50-foot-tall chrome replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. We also found our way to the Lambeau Leap wall for a photo opp. After a quick tour of the Pro Shop, we were in the stadium, and it really started to pour. It rained off and on throughout the Monday Night game, and though our bodies were damp, our spirits were not, as the Packers soundly beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

There’s just something about Lambeau Field, as any Packers fan can tell you, that keeps drawing us back year after year: whether on a cold November night for Packers vs. Bears or for a pre-season game against the Browns; for a Family Night scrimmage or a stadium and Hall of Fame summer tour. And of course, you never forget your first time visiting Lambeau, which for me, was the Snow Bowl in December 1985.

I’ve been to Lambeau, now, in the summer, fall, and winter, and I hope to get there again someday. I bet it’s really pretty in springtime.

Laura Sternweis


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