Over There … Somewhere

over-thereYears ago my old friend Eva, looking at a photo of her high school class of 1918, pointed out one after the other her classmates who had died in World War I. They were among the Yanks who went “Over There”* and never came home.

By the time the U.S. entered World War I, my grandfather already was married, had young children, and had been farming for a decade. My father was a kid during World War II and by the time of the Korean Conflict he already was married and farming. The Viet Nam draft was about over by the time my older brother became of age, and he farmed as well. My husband in 1980 and my son in 2010 registered with Selective Service as required during relative peacetime. So I have no direct experience with the military.

I simply want to thank all our veterans and our service men and women in all branches of our military who continue to risk their lives for our country “over there,” wherever over there happens to be at the time. Thank you.

Laura Sternweis

*George M. Cohen wrote the words and music of the song “Over There” in 1917 after the U.S. entered World War I.


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