Fair Thee Well

2016-state-fairI had to “wash that fair right out of my hair” when I got home Sunday night (with all due respect to South Pacific.) There’s just something about roaming around a fairgrounds that leaves me feeling a bit grimy. That, and I tend to have a low fair tolerance anyway. However, we had nice weather and advance tickets, so my husband and I trekked to the 2016 Iowa State Fair on Sunday afternoon.

We’re not the type to spend a day there, much less several, by choice. After five and a half hours we were tired and ready to head back home. But we did accomplish everything on our State Fair “to do” list:

  • Check out the Iowa State University exhibit.
  • Check out the 4-H exhibits.
  • See the Butter Cow! (And this year only, the Butter Star Trek original series crew and the Butter Starship Enterprise!)
  • See some real animals.
  • Drink an overpriced beer.
  • Try a new fair food.
  • Eat a favorite fair food.
  • Listen to music at various free concert venues.
  • Look at antique tractors.
  • Look at more antique tractors.
  • Eat another favorite fair food.
  • Look at lawn mowers, farm equipment, and hot tubs en route from one fair building to another.
  • Get tired and go home.

Just because I’m not much of a fairgoer, don’t let that stop you. Enjoy whatever fair you enjoy — and fair thee well!

Laura Sternweis


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