Basket of Cash

basket-of-cashMy husband and I used to keep a basket of Cash in our living room, just to have it handy. We liked having our Cash easily accessible so that at any time we could grab some out of the basket, on a whim, and pop it into our CD player. Of course, I’m talking about Johnny Cash.

My husband was a young adult when he first became interested in Cash, but I grew up with Johnny. I heard his music on country radio playing in the barn and from my parents’ records playing on the stereo in our family home. We always had plenty of Cash on hand — from the big hits like “I Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison Blues” to the lesser known gems such as “Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog” and “The One on the Right Is on the Left.”*

My husband and I acquired our first together Cash in 1990, shortly after we purchased out first CD player. “Classic Cash” from the Hall of Fame Series gave us 20 of Johnny’s hits, which kept us afloat for a couple years. But then we needed more. We started collecting his American Recordings as they were released, and we picked up older Cash on vinyl from garage sales. After Johnny died, we acquired several boxed sets of his vast recordings, along with “long lost” music released from his vaults. We’ve heard rumors that more collections may be coming, and we’ll likely get them when available.

Since it seems we can’t get enough Cash, the basket no longer is sufficient. So now we keep our Cash in a drawer.

Laura Sternweis

*You’ll find both of these songs on Johnny’s “Everybody Loves a Nut” album.



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