Showing I’m Farm

FPS-tractor-resizedWhile I was walking through the farm show, a vendor asked me if I planted cover crops. It was a valid question, since I was perusing the displays in the varied industries tent. I politely answered “no,” and told him that I did not farm. We talked a bit about the value of cover crops and then I moved on to the next exhibit.

I must say, the whole experience left me pleased and proud that I could be mistaken for a modern farm woman. In my blue jeans and denim shirt and ball cap, I must have looked the part.

Full disclosure: I am a former farm kid. I grew up doing farm chores, such as milking cows, baling hay, and feeding silage. But I left the farm for college and have lived and worked in one town or another since my mid-20s.

I don’t farm. But I still sort of am farm. I go back home to my family’s farm to visit a few times a year. I have an advanced degree from a College of Agriculture. My kitchen features dairy cow decor. On occasion I watch Market to Market or read ag-related news. And when the opportunity arises to attend a farm show, I take it. I visit the ag vendors and I climb on the tractors, pleased and proud to show I’m farm.

Laura Sternweis