It’s Just Heat

thermometer-cropped-resizedIt may not be hotter than hell but it’s getting close. Daily temperatures have been in the high 90s at least with heat indices in the 100s and it’s only mid-June. So far the summer of 2018 reminds me of a summer 30 years ago.

In June 1988 when we were only 2-days-married, my husband and I moved to Iowa. I started graduate school, earning a small stipend as a grad assistant, and my husband was a paid-by-the-hour worker for a landscaping company. We hadn’t been in Iowa very long before it started getting hot and dry and hotter and drier. There was no rain and there still was no rain — and thus there was no landscape work, so dear husband was laid off. We didn’t have much money but we had love — and luckily cheap rent and an oscillating fan in our little apartment.

By the end of the summer the weather cooled, it did rain, and my husband found other landscaping work. A year and a half later I graduated and got a full-time job at Iowa State.

Today I still work at the university, but I get paid a lot more now than I did that summer long ago. Dear husband is still in lawn and yard word, but is self-employed and makes more money these days as well. We’re much better now at managing our cash flow, since now we have cash flow to manage. We still have love, and our little house in Iowa has an almost-paid-off mortgage and air conditioning.

So yes it’s hot in 2018, but it’s just heat. It didn’t break us 30 years ago and it won’t break us now.

Laura Sternweis